Specialist anaesthesia services attract a fee separate to those charged by the hospital, surgeon or other doctors caring for you. While the fee will vary depending on the complexity and duration of the anaesthesia, it is usually possible to obtain an estimate ahead of surgery.

Our estimates and billing services are provided by ProBills Australia (PBA) who are extremely efficient and responsive (for further information on fees and billing see www.probills.com.au).

You may be able to claim a rebate for a portion of your anaesthetic fee from Medicare and your private health insurance fund.  Often there is an associated out-of-pocket expense and the size of this ‘gap’ varies depending on your fund and your level of coverage.  It is your responsibility to pay your anaesthesia fees.

We typically arrange with regular surgeons to receive an operating list a week or so ahead of each operating day and use that list to provide fee estimates to patients.  To ensure you receive an estimate please complete a fee estimate request at www.probills.com.au/fee-estimate/