EPIC BOOTCAMP in the time of COVID-19

We have a leadership role

These are extraordinary times. We will all serve to the extent that we are willing and able. Anaesthesia trainees and anaesthetists play important leadership roles in systems administration, surgery, resuscitation and critical care on ordinary days. During a pandemic, these roles will be crucial. Remember to stick to the facts, know the evidence (where that exists) and remain calm and caring.

…exam preparation – really?!

It’s up to you.

No-one knows how this situation will evolve nationally or regionally in the next weeks or months. When the exams will resume and in what format is to be determined. No-one intends to add to the misery of the unknown, but that is what we are dealing with at the moment. So why not take advantage of the time to keep up with your study.

Virtual tutorials and viva practice can serve as a forum for senior registrars to keep in contact and share their views. Continuing with a study program can normalise a part of our lives that is otherwise uncertain. It’s a bonus in extended study time for those candidates who elected to sit the first sitting in 2020!

So…EPIC BOOTCAMP IS ON! June 13 + 14, 2020

Bootcamp will be held via zoom. No current registrants have withdrawn (in response to my offer to refund rego fees) and trainees are still applying – so we’re on.

The format of the weekend will include

  • exam myth-busting by past examiners
  • a walk-through of each section of the exam
  • SAQ constructs
  • medical viva session (depending on the group)
  • anaesthesia vivas
  • investigations.

Register here

See you at the EPIC Bootcamp!