Mid-Year Final Exam Boot Camp June 2+3

A mid-year Canberra Boot Camp was held in June in response to requests from ASA anaesthesia trainees. Trainees came from all over Australia – and, indeed the world!
The program changes with requests from candidates. As usual, we concentrated on performance strategies, tips and scripts. Current and past examiners did some super myth-busting and explained the process and logistics of the of the exam. Candidates were directed to the valuable resource that is the final exam section of the college website for the details of the logistics of the exam. Other sections of the website should be used for study of college documents and other items that repeatedly come up in any section of the final exam.
Saturday was devoted to an exam overview and the medical vivas; Sunday was anaesthesia viva day. Everyone was delighted to learn that statistics were everywhere.
Boot Camp faculty Drs Luke Bromilow, Steve Davies, Nicola Meares, Carmel McInerney and Sally Wharton were the examiners that again kindly gave of their time to the weekend. There was a long interactive session dealing with every exam section. Advice focussed on strategy for maximising performance for each section.
Canberra’s John James Foundation again allowed the use of their Theaterette for our weekend. The excellent facility allows candidates to do more than just sit in a lecture theatre for a weekend. Dr Rod Katz provided logistic and administrative support – as well as an emergency taxi service when required! Thank you Rod.
Morning and afternoon breaks and lunchtimes were great opportunities for candidates to compare notes with their colleagues.
One of the aims of Boot Camp is to allow registrars to compare their own standards of preparation and exam-readiness with those of other candidates. It is also an opportunity to form relationships with other candidates (or future FANZCAs) and share exam study tips and resources – the real meaning of fellowship.
The secrets to improved congnition, better concentration, ability to problem-solve and maximise exam greatness were revealed and enjoyed by the group.
Next year’s Boot Camp dates are (tentatively) February 16+17, 2019.
Dr Steve Davies presenting on the pain of the vivas
Faculty: Drs Meares, Bromilow and McInerney and delegates at Boot Camp
How to be the better candidate!
Dr Sally Wharton explaining the Calm and Panic “destinations” for the anaesthesia vivas
Boot Camper and clubbing
Happy Campers from all over Australia